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Tag: Everything You Need to Know About Fixed Matches

Everything About Fixed Matches

Everything You Need to Know About Fixed Matches

Everything You Need to Know About Fixed Matches

Match-fixing has been a practice for as long as spectator sports have existed. Despite this, it’s easy to misunderstand how match-fixing works and how to bet on such matches.

If you’re looking to learn more about fixed matches and how to bet on them, look no further. This article will expand on how match-fixing works and how it’s tied to betting, specifically in football.Everything You Need to Know About Fixed Matches

What Is a Fixed Match (And How Does It Work)?

A fixed (or contractual) match is where one or more aspects of a game have already been decided before it starts. In such cases, players involved will ensure that specific criteria are met, like allowing the opposition to score a goal.

Typical Reasons for Fixing a Match

In football, a match could be fixed for one of two reasons:

To Create a Betting Advantage

Winning a wager on a football match can net the winner many times their original bet. Many bettors will turn to the top football handicappers to help them make the right pick, but others will seek even more help. When there’s money to be made, the criminal element will inevitably want to get involved and swing the odds in their favor.

Fixed matches give a massive advantage to anybody aware of a scheme to fix a game. If they know the scoreline before kick-off, for example, they can gamble heavily while safe in the knowledge that their bet will almost certainly come in.

To Help a Club Gain an Advantage

A club’s league position at the end of the season can hugely impact its fortunes. League position can make the difference between remaining in the same league or relegation/promotion. A club’s final league position can also mean qualifying for competitions that can make the club many millions in revenue.

With stakes so high, some people will look to fix matches to help give their club an unfair league position.

How Betting Works in Fixed Matches

Generally speaking, there are two ways betting works during a fixed match. One is a scam, and the second is an exclusive event that very few people can access.

The scam works by an agent claiming to have inside information regarding a specific game. They will typically ask for a sum of money upfront before revealing what they claim to know.

However, such agents are usually lying about having such information and want to take other people’s money. The ‘agent’ will then give false information about an upcoming match or disappear altogether.

The other involves individuals who are often involved with high-end criminal organizations and wealthy, powerful people. Such people will have access to club owners or coaches and players, allowing them to influence the game.

How to Identify Fixed Matches

If you can spot a fixed match, then you might be able to make it work in your favor. Here are four things to look out for:

1. Too Much Referee Influence

Referees have a lot of influence on the outcome of games, and a single decision can mean the difference between winning and losing. So, if you notice that a referee blatantly favors one team over the other, it could be worth placing a bet on the favored team.

2. Odd Player Performance

It’s not uncommon for players to have the occasional bad day. However, if a professional at the top of their game is playing particularly poorly, it could be a sign the match is fixed. It can be a good idea to place a bet on the opposition in such cases.

3. Irregular Odds

Football betting odds are driven mainly by how much has been placed on each team. If a lot of money is placed on a particular team, the betting odds will fall. If betting odds appear to be unusually skewed in favor of a team, it could indicate that betting syndicates are placing bets knowing the match is fixed.  

4. Sudden Drop in Performance

Even the best teams don’t always play well, but a sudden drop in performance during a single match is unusual. If a team had been playing reasonably well in the first half but comes out poorly in the second, it could be a sign they’ve received instructions to fix the match.

How to Take Advantage of Match-Fixing

Armed with the right information, anybody could make match-fixing work in their favor. Most people won’t be privy to details about fixed matches, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage by recognizing such games. The above is a brief guide that will help you know when a game has been fixed.


Everything You Need to Know About Fixed Matches

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